We offer a variety of options for fly anglers of all experience levels and knowledge, on Alberta's best trout waters.  Whether you want to go for a full day, just the evening, on a trip into the scenic mountains, or in the city limits of Calgary, we have a trip for you. This is your trip, so just let us know how we can customize it to what you want!  If you have any additional questions or inquiries feel free to contact us

Fishing Season
In Alberta we are fortunate to get the occasional Chinook, giving us year round fly fishing opportunities on sections of the Raven River, Oldman River, Bow River, and Crowsnest River.  The season picks up in April/May, when the snow melts, the water warms up, and fish become more active.  Our season is then temporarily interrupted, by the annual run off around mid June, which can last anywhere from a week, to almost two month, depending on the year.  The peak fly fishing season is July/August, and the first couple weeks of September.  That is when the dry fly fishing is at it's best, all of our rivers are open, and the weather is hot.  The days are also long in the summer, we often find ourselves on the rivers well past 10pm.  Those are also by far the most popular months, and the rivers see their highest fishing pressure.  The second part of September, and most of October depending on the year, can be an amazing time to fish.  The weather is much more consistent than earlier in the summer, the rivers are stable, the fish begin to sport beautiful fall colours, dry fly fishing is still very productive, and angler pressure decreases.  

Taking home memories of your trip and the fish you catch are as valuable as the experience itself.  We take high quality HD underwater cameras with us on our trips, to take pictures of your fly fishing adventure.  After the trip, we will edit the photos and email you the best pictures of the outing. 

Trips & Rates
Trip prices are for 1 or 2 angers... Contact us for larger group rates 
- Bow River morning or evening walk and wade (3-4hrs) $225
- Half day walk and wade (4-6hrs) $300
- Full day walk and wade (10-12hrs) $450
- Multiple day trip...  Contact us for pricing and options. 
- Wader rental, limited sizes available.

What's Included

- Fly rod and fly reel.  High qualilty brands like Sage and G Loomis.  You can use your own rod/reel if you want of course
- All gear such as packs, vests, net, leader, tippet, etc
- Lunch (full day option)
- Snacks and drinks (all trips).  
- Sunscreen and bug spray if needed
- Transportation if needed
- All flies

What's Not Included

- Waders.  Available for rent in standard sizes.  Waders; S/M/L/XL  Boots: 9/10/11/12.  Note: Most summer fishing can be done wet wading
- Alberta Fishing License.  Can purchased online here
- Alcoholic beverages

Call or email us first if you have any questions, otherwise follow the instructions below.

1)  Fill out the "Booking Form" so we can arrange the details of your trip (found on the "contact" page).  If you are ready to book, proceed
     to the PayPal option at the bottom of this page. 
2)  We will contact you to confirm the trip details, availability and pricing. 
3)  If you choose to book the trip, a $100 deposit will be due to hold your reservation. For your convenience, this can be paid by:  
     Paypal, Online Banking, Cheque or Cash.
4)  We will follow up with you about a week before your trip, to confirm the details, and provide recent river and hatch reports.
5)  We will call you 1 or 2 days before your trip, to confirm the meeting place, and time.  The river and time we fish, can always be  
     modified last minute, based on weather, river conditions, and if another river or stream is fishing very well.   
6)  The balance of the payment can be made anytime but is not due until the day of the trip.  Again, for your convenience, this can be paid
     by: Paypal, Online Banking or Cash.
7)  Meet up at the designated place and time, then catch some fish and have an awesome day! 

Note:  - Deposits are non refundable, but can be applied towards future trips, if cancelled more than 14 days days prior to reserved date 
- In the event of serve weather, trips can be rescheduled or refunded (including deposit)
           - Cash deposit option is available for local clients only 
           - Wader rentals are payable onsite, on the day of the trip

Trip Booking Options