Whether you are looking to become more familiar with Alberta's rivers before heading out on a trip with us, or want to increase your own knowledge base, there are endless amounts of books, videos and resources on the subject.  All of which can help you, when fly fishing Alberta, or wherever your next fly fishing adventure takes you.  


Some of the best fly fishing videos, and how to fly fish videos can be found on YouTube.  Visit us on YouTube for links to some of our favorite fly fishing channels, you can also search YouTube for many others.  

Everything you could possibly want to know about fly fishing, and fly fishing Alberta, can be found online these days.  If there is something specific you want more information on it's likely online, it's just a matter of finding it.  Forums can be a great resource of knowledge as experienced local anglers share advice and know how on a variety of topics.  Some links you might find helpful;

   Fishing Related

Alberta Fishing Regulations www.albertaregulations.ca
Atlas of Alberta Lakes  www.albertalakes.ualberta.ca

Alberta Lake Stocking Report  www.mywildalberta.com
Alberta Fish Altas www.anglersatlas.com

Fish Alberta www.ifishalberta.com/
Insects of a Trout Steam
Mayfly Life Cycle www.britannica.com
What Trout Eat www.flyfisherman.com
Fly Fishing Videos www.drakemag.com
Alberta Fishing Guide www.albertafishingguide.com
Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum www.outdoorsmenforum.ca
Fly Fishing Flies
Fly Fishing Gear Reviews www.passionateoutdoor.com
Trout Unlimited
Alberta River Flow Rates www.environment.alberta.ca
Moon Phase Calendar  www.almanac.com
Sunrise/Sunset Calendar  www.sunrisesunset.com
Weather Reports www.theweathernetwork.com

  Other Links

Travel Alberta www.travelalberta.com
Calgary Hotels & Accommodations www.visitcalgary.com
Calgary Airport www.calgaryairport.com
Calgary Stampede www.calgarystampede.com
Calgary Zoo www.calgaryzoo.ab.ca
Southern Alberta Info www.southernalberta.worldweb.com

I would recommend these books for anyone who fly fishes in Alberta, or is thinking of starting.  They cover everything from the basics of fly fishing, to entomology and have content specific to Alberta and it's river systems.  These books don't replace field experience, but the insight and knowledge gained from these books, will greatly reduce the initial learning curve, and give you the foundation to be a successful angler. 

           Fly Fishing Western
                Trout Streams

        Alberta's Trout Highway
            Blue Ribbon Bow
          Handbook of Hatches