Based out of one of North America's top fly fishing destinations, Calgary Alberta, Trout Tracker Guide Company offers fly fishing adventures on Alberta's best rivers and streams.  Our passion for catching fish on a fly rod is only exceeded by our passion to put other people on fish.  I have hooked many family and friends into the sport and really enjoy sharing my passion, experience and knowledge with others.  If you have never fly fished, or consider yourself a beginner, don't be intimated, we will teach you the skills
you need, from casting to reading the water, and it will surprise you how quickly you will be catching fish.  Whether you're from out of province or country looking to see what Alberta has to offer, or you have lived here your whole life and have always wanted to try fly fishing, we have a trip for you.  We can customize trips for anyone depending on experience level and what size and type of fish you want to target.  Alberta has so much to offer, from large brown trout on the Bow River right in the city of Calgary to cutthroats on a tiny stream  surrounded by surreal mountain scenery.

The possibilities of where to go are almost endless.  Some popular choices include the Bow River, Oldman River, Crowsnest River, Castle River, Racehorse Creek, Dutch Creek, Livingston River, Highwood River, North and South Ram River plus many more.  In these river systems you will find brown trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, bull trout and rainbow trout.

The season generally starts in May and extends through October.  Things begin to swing into full gear after the run off in early July, with July/August being the most popular months.  My personal favourite time is September/October when streams and weather conditions are stable and angler pressure decreases.  Fish are at their peak having put on weight from the summer and show off beautiful fall colours. 

More information on our trips can be found on the trip details page.  We also have more information on fishing Alberta's rivers, through out our site, which might help you on your next fishing adventure.  
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